Research of efficiency of air separation using hybrid membrane sorption systems depending on the selectivity of the membrane and a sorbent
Paper ID : 1415-MST2015-FULL
Mark Korolev *
Moscow,Shcherbinka, Krasnoarmeiskaya st., 11
Considered hybrid membrane-sorption air separation systems from the standpoint of the general theory of multi-module separation systems with recycles connections. Such systems may be used for obtaining oxygen-enriched air, which can be used to create an artificial breathing atmosphere. Numerical studies have been conducted according to the efficiency of hybrid systems, depending on the pressure of the product stream. They also compared the hybrid membrane system and air separation. It is shown that the optimum scheme is membrane sorption system in which recycle loop is formed with the return flow of the retentate flow of the membrane module in the power source with the aid of the ejector, and the mixture was fed to the shared output adsorbers ejector.
The numerical analysis of the separation efficiency of the system, depending on the selective sorbents and membranes at the rated pressure of the product stream. A comparison was made of different operating modes of the hybrid system. Was concluded on the selection of the sorbent and the membranes for a system with increased pressure product stream.
membrane, sorption, air separation, ejector, artificial breathing system, zeolite
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)