High Performance PEBA Multilayer Composite Membrane for Natural Gas Sweetening
Paper ID : 1414-MST2015-FULL
saeed khanmohammadi-kol *1, Reza Ghalandarzadeh2, aliakbar babaluo3, Marzieh Zare4
1No. 34 - shahid vasigh alley - kuche bagh street - tabriz - Iran
2Nanostructure Material Research Center, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, P.O.Box 51335-1996, Iran
3nanostructure materials research center, sahand university of technology, sahand new town, tabriz, Iran
4Research and Technology Directorate, National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Tehran, Iran
In this paper, high permeable multilayer composite membrane with PEBA selective layer was prepared on the modified PVDF microfiltration membrane as support. The PVDF support was modified using PDMS gutter layer to prevent penetration of PEBA solution into the pores of MF support. SEM analysis was used to evaluate surface and cross-section morphology of the membrane different layers. The prepared membrane displayed high permeance and high selectivity for polar/non-polar gas separation. Single gas permeation was measured within wide range of temperature, 25-60 ˚C and pressure up to 35 bar. Due to the CO2 induced plasticization effect on polymer chains, CO2 permeance increases with pressure. But for nonpolar gases, their permeation value is constant with pressure. This trend can be attributed to the interaction of polar CO2 molecules and polymer chains. On the other hand, temperature increasing cause the high mobility of polymer chains and increases permeation of all gases. Moreover, the membrane performance was studied with H2S/CH4 mixed gas to confirm its high potential for natural gas sweetening.
composite membrane, PEBA selective layer, PVDF support, PDMS gutter layer
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)