Synthesis of anti-biofouling vertically aligned carbon nanotube membrane for ultrafiltration
Paper ID : 1412-MST2015-FULL
Hamed Azami *1, Mohammad Reza Omidkhah2
1No. 7, Saeedinia Alley, Sardar Jangal Blvd., Hemmat Hw., Tehran
2Tarbiat Modares University, Jalal Al Ahmad Highway, Tehran, P.O.Box 14115-143
This article investigates the synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotube membrane through the pyrolysis of polybenzimidazole (PBI)-Kapton inside the pores of anodized aluminium oxide (AAO), which was used as an anti-biofouling membrane in membrane bioreactor. It is indicated by researchers that biofouling is the main obstacle of the pressure driven membrane processes. Biofouling reduces the permeability of the membranes and also their life time, resulted in increase of fixed and operating cost of membrane separation. The synthesized ultrafiltration carbon membranes were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and anti-biofouling tests. Antifouling performance was studied using activated sludge measuring the pure water flux recovery ratio (FRR). The results demonstrated that the vertically aligned CNTs membranes can be used as an efficient membrane for biological separation duo to their high anti-bacterial activity.
vertically aligned carbon nanotube membrane, ultrafiltration, membrane bioseparation, anti-biofouling membrane.
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)