Effect of coating method separation performance of CH4/N2 by PDMS/PAN composite membrane
Paper ID : 1404-MST2015-FULL
zahra navaser *1, Ali Kargari2
2Chemical engineering department, Amirkabir University of Technology (Teharn Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran
In this paper, a thin film poly dimethylsiloxane/polyacrylonitrile (PDMS/PAN) composite membrane was fabricated and applied for CH4/N2 separation. The membrane was consisted of a thin PDMS film on a porous PAN support material. The support was prepared by phase inversion method and coated by PDMS. Two different coating methods (dip-coating and by brushing methods) were applied and the effect of coating method on the permeation performance of the fabricated membrane was investigated. Also the influence various feed pressures on the membrane performance on the separation of CH4/N2 was studied. The prepared PDMS/PAN composite membranes were applied for permeation study of N2 and CH4. The permeances of N2 and CH4 and the ideal selectivities of CH4/N2 through the synthesized composite membranes were measured at various pressures (1-5bar). The results showed that CH4 permeance was enhanced by pressure and the membranes which were coated by brushing method were more suitable for these gases separation. The prepared membranes showed the ideal selectivity of 21.5 for CH4/N2 separation at 2 bars and 25 °C, while the membrane was fabricated by Dip-coting method showed the selectivity of 9.6 for CH4/N2 separation at 2 bars and 25 °C.
PAN/PDMS; Composite membrane; Selectivity; Permeability; Methane; Nitrogen.
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)