High Performance CTA Membrane Based on MOF for Forward Osmosis Desalination
Paper ID : 1387-MST2015-FULL
Alireza Zirehpour *1, Ahmad Rahimpour2
1Babol university of technology, shariaati ave, babol, Iran
2membrane research group, Babol university of technology
In this study Cu-BTC, a hydrophilic type of metal organic frameworks (MOFs), improved the dense asymmetric cellulose acetate / cellulose triacetate (CTA) membrane properties and forward osmosis (FO) performance. The results obviously indicate that MOF loading led to adjustment of the modified membranes in terms of porosity, pore inter-connectivity and hydrophilicity. These features improved the FO performance of the resultant membranes. An appropriate amount of the particles in the CTA matrix exhibited FO water flux about 44 LMH using 2 M NaCl as draw solution and deionized water as feed, which was around 180% greater than that of the blank membrane. The FO performance improving is attributed to the modified structure of the CTA membrane, and thus a lower structure parameter (136 µm) and hence an alleviated ICP. For seawater desalination, the membranes display a high water flux up to 30 LMH using a 2 M NaCl draw solution. This study suggests that Cu-BTC is effective filler for modifying the cellulose ester based membranes and improving their FO performance as well as seawater desalination.
Forward osmosis, Mixed matrix membrane, Metal organic framework, Cu-BTC, Seawater desalination
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)