Effect of Carbon Nano Tube on water permeation of carbon membranes
Paper ID : 1341-MST2015-FULL
Morteza Asghari1, Morteza Afsari *2, Payam Mohamadi Moghadam3
1kashan university
2Niayesh Blv- Bahonar street
3Kashan University
Carbon membranes are part of mineral membrane groups which nowadays being so popular for their property in separation process. There are lots of request for carbon membrane preparation because of its high selectivity and permeability beside good resistivity in high temperature, corrosive and chemical environment compare to polymeric membranes. In this study, carbon nano tubes were embedded in polymeric precursor to produce a plain faultless support carbon membrane. In fact selective layer are probable to be cracked during carbonization process so in this research multiwall carbon nano tubes and singlewall carbon nano tubes with diameter of 8-30 nm was used. Two kind of selective layer were produced by Novalak Phenolic Resins mixed with activated carbon and chitosan. Samples were pre-oxidized upto 180 oC and carbonized to 700 oC. Different mixtures were prepared and compared. According to experimental results and SEM photos, double layer of Novalak phenolic Resin mixed with carbon nano tubes coated in activated carbon support made a plain and faultless micropore carbon membrane with pore sizes less than 2nm which could be used in gas separation
carbon membrane, Novalak Phenolic Resin, carbonization, carbon nano tube
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)