Preparation and synthesis the hydrophilic poly-elecelectrolyte as draw solution in forward osmosis process.
Paper ID : 1305-MST2015-FULL
Watsa Khongnakorn *
Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla University Kor-Hong, Hat Yai, Songkhla Thailand 90110
The synthesis and characterize the hydrophilic properties for draw solution is more influence on the forward osmosis (FO) process. In this study, Acrylic acid (AA)/benzoyl(B) peroxide with the different ratio was synthesized with the different salt compounds. The physical and chemical properties, such as pH, conductivity, osmolality, viscosity, molecular weights, functional group were investigated. The osmolality increases with the increase of AA/B ratio, which may lead to higher osmotic. The different of molecular weights (MWs) were obtained and correlated with osmolality and viscosity.The synthesis polyelectrolytes of PAA-K and PAA-Na shown the increasing of hydrophilic functional group like carboxyl –OH or COOH. Higher viscosity and lower diffusion coefficient which was generated by the polyelectrolyte with higher MW.
poly-elecelectrolyte ; acrylic acid (AAc),synthesis; draw solution; osmolality
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)