Prediction of morphology of the membranes by comparing thermodynamic and kinetic properties of membrane
Paper ID : 1304-MST2015-FULL
sajjad mohsenpour *1, Maryam Tavakolmoghadam2, Aliakbar Safekordi3, Mahmood Hemmati4, Fatemeh Rekabdar5
1iran-tehran-sharif university
2West entrance of Azadi sport complex, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry
3Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
42Chemical Polymeric and Petrochemical Technology Development Research Division, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Tehran, Iran
5Research institute of petroleum industry
The morphology of asymmetric and symmetric membranes obtained by precipitation can be rationalized by thermodynamic and kinetic relations of phase separation. In this study, two main parameters including demixing process and precipitation rate which affect the morphology of the membranes were determined for the system of PVDF/TiO2/DMAc/Water. Such parameters which the former relates to thermodynamic effect and the latter controls the time of separation of the cast solution film immersing in the non-solvent bath from the glass plate were calculated as dimensionless parameters for further analysis. Quadratic phase diagram was drawn based on Flory Huggins theory. The prepared membranes were characterized by measuring permeability, porosity and contact angel of membranes. The effect of two mentioned dimensional parameters on the membrane morphology was studied by comparing the calculated parameters with each other and with experimental results.
morphology-phase diagram-thermodynamic and kinetic properties
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)