Simulation of natural gas dehydration process using membrane
Paper ID : 1301-MST2015-FULL
Ahmad Damanabi Taghizadeh *1, Fateme Bahadori2
1Iran - urmia
Dehydration unit is designed for the removal of water from natural gas. The aim purpose of the present study is the separation of H2O simultaneously with CO2, and H2S from natural gas in dehydration unit. The mentioned process is traditionally performed using Three Ethylene Glycol (TEG). In this paper, the separation process is done using polyamide membrane by assuming an ideal permeability of membrane. ASPEN HYSIS 8.4 is employed to simulate the efficiency of series arrangement of membranes on natural gas dehydration and sweetening. The simulation results show that the polyamide membranes can separate CO2 and H2S in addition of H2O.
Membrane processes, simulation, natural gas dehydration, polyamide membrane
Status : Conditional Accept (Poster)