Analysis of Hermia fouling models for membrane prepared from blending of HDPE and poly (ethylene glycol) for humic acid separation
Paper ID : 1299-MST2015-FULL
farhad mansourizadeh, Reza Yegani *, Ali Akbari
Sahand University of Technology
Microfiltration membranes (MF) are used extensively in water/wastewater treatment. Membrane fouling is one of the most important challenges faced in membrane filtration operations. Polyethylene (PE) is an attractive candidate for porous membranes due to its good mechanical properties, chemical stability, low cost, etc. However, one of the major problems of PE is its hydrophobic characteristic which often causes hydrophobic particle to adsorb on the surface of the PE membrane. This phenomenon causes to membrane fouling and drastically decreases the membrane permeability. Fouling is described as pore-blocking, solute aggregation or adsorption phenomenon. Irreversible membrane fouling by proteins, natural organic matter (NOM) such as humic acid and other biomolecules adsorption reduces the flux of membrane and hinders the wide scale application of MF membranes. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) has been specially focused to improve the hydrophilicity and antifouling properties of membranes. In the present work, PEG was used to improve the hydrophilicity and antifouling characteristic of PE membrane. The characterization of HDPE/PEG membrane was investigated using SEM, FTIR, porosity and pure water flux (PWF). Moreover the fouling behavior of membranes was investigated by filtration of humic acid solution. The governing fouling mechanisms of membranes were also investigated using hermia models to investigate the effect of PEG on the fouling mechanisms of polyethylene membrane. Results showed that pure HDPE membrane had low flux about 9 L/m2h. However, water flux increases in the presence of PEG about 3-fold higher than that of pure HDPE membrane. Also membrane porosity increased in the presence of PEG. It may be because of pore forming role of PEG in the fabrication of HDPE/PEG blend membrane.
HDPE, PEG, Membrane fouling, Humic acid, Hermia fouling mechanisms
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)