Synthesis of nanostructured smart polymers as a new draw solution in an OMBR (Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor)
Paper ID : 1292-MST2015-FULL
Razieh Nazari1, Amir Razmjou *2
1Iran,Isfahan,Hezar Jerib street,university of Isfahan,faculty of advanced science and technologies,biotechnology department
2university of Isfahan,Hezar Jerib St.,Isfahan, Iran
Because of water scarcity, water and wastewater treatment technologies become more important. Recently, the novel osmotic membrane bioreactor has been gained a significant attention. OMBR is a membrane bioreactor which has a forward osmosis membrane rather than MF and NF membranes that are used in the convectional membrane bioreactors. This process can be used as an auxiliary unit after MBR or as a standalone unit for the biological treatment. Comparing with the conventional MBR, this type of bioreactor has very attractive properties such as high pollutants selectivity (organic and inorganic), low energy consumption and, more importantly, low membrane fouling.

One of the main challenges in OMBR is selecting a suitable draw agent which can induce a desired driving force. Different chemical solutions, such as NaCl, MgCl2, MNPs, sugars, polyelectrolytes, etc., have been introduced as the draw agents. However the use of hydrogels and smart polymers in OMBR has not been reported yet.
In this work, nanostructured hydrogel particles were synthesized using the radical polymerization. A variety of techniques such as SEM, FTIR, VSM, swelling ratio measurement were used to characterization the synthesized draw agents. Afterward a batch OMBR was conducted to evaluate the performance of the hydrogel polymers. A continuous OMBR system (SRT:14 days, HRT: 8hr) were also studied using the hydrogel polymers as draw agent. The performance of the OMBR systems were investigated by measuring COD, BOD, MLSS, DO, conductivity and pure water flux permeation (LMH). The results approved that the introduced draw agent in this study has a great potential to be used in wastewater treatment processes.
Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor (OMBR), FO membrane, draw solution, hydrogel polymers, wastewater treatment
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)