Investigation of Morphological Properties of Nanocomposite Polyimide Membranes by Image Processing
Paper ID : 1226-MST2015-FULL
Peyman Pouresmaeel Selakjani *1, Mohsen Jahanshahi2, Majid Peyravi1
1Membrane Research Group, Nanobiotechnology Institute, Babol University of Technology, Babol, Iran
2Head of Nanotechnology Research Institute Babol University of Technology Babol, P.O.BOX: 484, Iran
Polyimide asymmetric nanocomposite membranes have prepared to investigate by a recently developed software and comparison of results by AFM results. Asymmetric polyimide (PI) membranes with 0-3% of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) have prepared by phase inversion method. The morphology of membranes has measured by SEM micrographs. A program has developed to survey the morphology of membranes that works by detection of dark and light areas in the SEM picture. This image processing program can result the voids area, voids area percentage in the picture, voids orientation and voids equivalent diameter of circle. These parameters have relations with other properties of membranes. SEM micrographs have analyzed by the program and the following results were achieved: maximum void area percentage was for sample without MWCNT by 32.67% of voids and the minimum was for 3% of MWCNT by 17.71%, 1% of nano additive decreases the mean of void area from 66.07 µm for neat PI sample to 27.46 µm, orientation is in highest amount in membrane with 0.5% of additive (78.67 degrees) and it decreased in sample with 3% of nano additive. Voids in the samples are smaller in diameter by addition of MWCNT up to 1% of additive and after that it increased. As a result, there are meaningful relations between results from surface characterization of membranes by mean of AFM nanosurf software and macro-void characterization by mean of present developed software. There are almost same trends in size and porosity of surface and cross section characterizations (from AFM and present software) which can confirm the application of software. This developed software could be a good assistant for researchers to study on membranes SEM micrographs.
Membrane morphology, image processing, void, SEM, polyimide (PI)
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)