Preparation, characterization and properties of proton conducting membranes based on Poly(benzimidazole) and Poly(acrylic acid) blends
Paper ID : 1153-MST2015-FULL
Mahdi Abdollahi *1, Zohreh Taherkhani2, Alireza Sharif3, Mohammad Mahdi Hasani Sadr-Abadi4
1Tarbiat Modares University, Faculty of Chemical Engineering
2tarbiat modares university, Tehran, Iran, P.O. Box: 14155/143
3Tarbiat Modares University
4Amirkabir University of Technology
New ion-exchange acid/base blend of poly(acrylic acid)/poly(benzimidazole) (PAA/PBI) membranes were prepared at several stoichiometric ratios with respect to the monomer repeating units by solution casting method. Interactions between PBI and PAA in the membranes were investigated by using FTIR and DSC analyses. Miscible behavior of PBI/PAA blends at different compositions was observed. Proton conductivities of the membranes were measured by using four probe impedance spectroscopy. It was found that the water uptake and proton conductivity of the membranes increase by increasing the PAA ratio in the membranes. The highest proton conductivity of 0.27 mS/cm at 25°C and 100% RH was observed for membrane with 1:2 molar ratios of PBI/PAA. Moreover, the temperature dependency of proton conductivity of PBI/PAA membranes with 2:1 molar ratio was also investigated, from which anhydrous proton conductivity of 0.047 mS/cm at 120 °C was obtained.
Proton exchange membrane; Acid/base blend; Poly(acrylic acid); Poly(benzimidazole); Proton conductivity; Fuel cell
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)