Olefin/paraffin separation in Polysulfone/nano porous graphene mixed matrix membranes (MMMs)
Paper ID : 1131-MST2015-FULL
mohaddeseh najafi arani1, morteza sadeghi *2, mohammad dinari3
3isfahan university of technology
Separation of olefin/paraffin is one of the largest energy consuming process in the petrochemical industries. Because of the practical importance and expense for light olefin/paraffin separations by cryogenic distillation, considerable effort has been devoted to develop alternative separation methods. In this research, the nanoporous graphene prepared via a one-pot hydrothermal treatment added to polysulfone to achieve a nanocomposite membrane for the separation of ethylene/ethane and propylene/propane. The prepared nanoporous particles and MMM (mixed matrix membranes) were characterized using FT-IR, XRD and SEM analyses. The results demonstrate that nano particles have good distribution through polymer matrix. Pure gas permeation experiments were performed by the constant volume / variable pressure method at 2 bar and 30 ℃. The significant increment on gas permeability and selectivity achieved by addition of nano graphenes to polymer matrix. The permeability of propylene and propylene/propane ideal selectivity increase about 150% and 20% in MMM contains 1 wt% nanoporous graphene in comparison to pure polysulfone.
The obtained results indicates significant potential of nanoporous graphene as a filler in glassy polymers for olefin and paraffin separation.
Olefin/paraffin separation,mixed matrix membranes, nano porous graphene
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)