Separation of glycerol from biodiesel using NH2-modified MWCN/PES based membranes
Paper ID : 1109-MST2015-FULL
Azadeh Ostadchinigar *
lorestan univercity of khoram abad
There are many approaches to report a method for the production and purification of biodiesel with the aim of developing selective membranes with improved resistance to chemical and thermal conditions as well as high mechanical property. The amount of free glycerol in biodiesel final product was limited by international standards. In the current study, optimized solvent resistance nanocomposite membranes were prepared using phase inversion method based on polyethersulfone (PES) membrane modified by MWCNT-NH2. Unmodified PES and PES/MWCNT-NH2 mixed matrix membranes were evaluated in the terms of their flux behavior of pure water and other polar and non-polar solvents, mean pore size, roughness, swelling and antifouling performances as well as their ability to remove the free glycerol form biodiesel rich phase. The membrane modified with 0.05 wt.% MWCNT-NH2 showed a notable condition to remove about 99% of free glycerol with superior reusability where no significant change happened in biodiesel rejection.
PES/MWCNT-NH2 membrane, biodiesel, solvent resistance nanocomposite membranes
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)