Links below are now available for giving hints about how to present oral and poster presentations.


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All authors are required to consider the following items for presentation. Conference organizing committee thank presenters in advance for their kind cooperation.

Oral Presentation:

  • Presentation file (according to the presentation templates) should be delivered to the conference organizing committee at the morning of presentation day which will be announced in the next future.
  • All presentation files, as well as oral paper presentations, should be prepared in English.
  • Presentation duration is 15 min. This period is not fluid and it is mandatory for all presenters to present their works in the specified time.
  • Authors, who are not willing to present the paper orally, can inform conference organizing committee to change their presentation status from oral to poster until October 10, 2015.

Poster Presentation:
  • Posters should be printed by the presenters and delivered to the conference organizing committee according to sessions specified for presentation in conference. Schedule of presentations will be informed soon.  
  • In the time of poster presentation, authors are required to be present beside their posters.
  • Posters should be printed in the size of 70cm × 100cm.


- Papers will be reviewed in detail and selected papers will be introduced at the closing ceremony of conference.

- It is worth mentioning that presentations are solely accepted by the default presentation templates of conference.