How to submit an abstract

For access to the abstract online form, you will first require a login name and password (Register here). You may choose your own login name and password.

Step by step guide:

1- Login

2- Click Submit Paper

3- Click Submit new abstract

4- Fill required: Full title, abstract and keywords

    Important note: The allowable abstract words is 100 to 300 words.

5- Add/Remove authors:  Enter the details of all authors (other than you) who contributed to the work reported in your paper.

6- Select Subjects

7- Additional comments: Please enter any comments you would like to send to the editorial office. Then click "I have read terms and conditions and accept them" box.

8- Finish Submission: To complete submission, click on "Finish Submit".

How to submit Full Paper

 After accepting abstracts, full papers of original researches should be submitted by corresponding authors. Step by step follow the instructions come below:

  1. Initially, log in to your personal profile.
  2. Go to “Submit Paper” tab. Accepted abstracts are available in this section with special ID numbers.
  3.  Click on ID number to begin submission process. In the opened dialogues, click “Next” button. By doing this, you will confirm materials of accepted abstract, orders of author names, their affiliations and subject of paper.   
  4. Upload full length article by entering “Add Files” part.



  1. Only word file of the full paper (Microsoft Office Word 2007 or upper versions with docx extensions) must be uploaded.
  2. It is mandatory to bring the content of full papers on prepared template of the conference. Click download template to receive it.
  3. Deadline date to send complete forms of articles is until 20-08-2015.
  4. It must be noted revising papers after submission is not possible.
  5. Conference organizing committee puts emphasis on that materials of articles should be written in the main body of the template. Some problems may occur while creating pdf file or adjusting topic and lead to making inconsistency in heading. These are because of different versions of Microsoft Word Office and there is a guarantee that no paper will be rejected for this reason.